Air Conditioning

Cooling Systems UK Ltd have been servicing and installing air conditioning systems for over 20 years.

Air conditioning comes in many forms. It involves many different factors – not just a cooling coil on the wall or ceiling. Fresh air is a big factor in air conditioning. In office environments the air changes must meet European standards as if there is insufficient fresh air this can cause major health problems in your workplace. Any illnesses or airborne infection will quickly pass from one person to the next leading to absences and lower productivity. The extraction of stale air is just as important as the induction of fresh air and a balanced system can make all the difference to the workplace.








Humidity & Dehumidifying

Humidity issues can also affect controlled areas in manufacturing plants. The incoming air may need to be humidified or de-humidified depending on the circumstances.
Rooftop units can bring in fresh air to cool the conditioned space and this can be an efficient way to economise. Ducted systems allow the fresh air to be mixed with an air conditioning coil incorporated in the design of the overall system. Humidifying and de-humidifying can also be used in this way.
A variable refrigerant flow multi-room air conditioning system can serve two adjacent rooms with different temperatures set for each room. The system gives a great heat recovery savings to the user.
It is vitally important that temperatures and air flow in onsite server rooms are managed properly and efficiently. We have worked on many office developments where we have installed specialist systems which regulate the temperatures correctly thus increasing the life span and reducing the load on the servers.
Cooling Systems UK Ltd will give its customers the best possible advice to make the right choices when deciding upon the most suitable and cost effective to manage the air quality for staff, customers and IT equipment.